Involved in theatre, music, or other live productions?
We handle the backend + venue technical aspects that you don't think about.

What we offer
NEW: remote user access to entertainment infrastructure (see more →)
– lighting logistics, venue layout and programming
– networking for lighting, sound, and video
– paperwork generation and management
– project management for all projects, small to large
– architectural lighting integration, design, and programming
– remote and/or in-person maintenance, programming, updates, and training

What we bring to the table
– traditional theatrical design skills in lighting, sound and video
– experience in programming and integration with multiple systems and brands/manufacturers
– "think outside the box" mentality for sticky situation workarounds
– flexibility for remote services, with in-person availability as needed
– relationships with vendors and other integrators + designers

How can we help? Get in touch at [email protected].

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